Friday, July 16, 2010


I bought my first car last week - a red, Ford Edge with 4,000 miles on it, a huge sunroof and a great sound system (all the most important things). Continuing in the grand family tradition of naming all our cars, I thought very seriously about what to name my new metallic best friend who I knew I'd be having many adventures with.

Red has never been my first choice for a car color, I always bought I would get something simple - either white or silver - but in the end this was what they had in the lot, and what I could afford, so red it was. Despite my initial hesitations about getting a candy colored car, it was love at first sight and I immediately knew what to name her - Wildfire. As I slide behind the wheel of my new sleek purchase, I began to ponder the meaning of this unexpected turn of events. I think sometimes life forces us to step out of our comfort zone for a reason and Wildfire, although unexpected - represents my own fire, determination, and passion for life that I sometimes forget exists.

Although I have only had her for a week, Wildfire already symbolizes breaking out of my comfining set system of expectations, allowing destiny to take it's course, and welcoming the unexpected while never assuming that I have eveything figured out.

I never thought in buying a car I'd get a lesson in life and a constant inspiration to go after my dreams, but Wildfire will now ensure that I never forget the fire deep down inside of me that although sometimes burns low, can never be extinguished.

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